ExpatExpress Grocery Store Orders

In addition to the cost of the goods you purchase, a shipping and handling fee will be added to your order. This fee covers the handling cost as well as duty and advancements fees necessary to import your order. This fee is based on the total cost of the order, according to the following equation:

Up to $99 = $15.00

$100 and up = $30.00

All other duties are paid by ExpatExpress and no fees are due at the time of delivery. The cost on your invoice is your final cost. There are absolutely no hidden charges. NOTE: We can only ship up to 55lbs of groceries per order. In the event that your order exceeds this limit, you will be contacted concerning the matter. If no contact can be made your order will be split up into seperate orders in order to meet Customs set limits.

Forwarding Orders

Shipping charges for Forwarding orders are based off of the actual or dimensional weight of the package(s) to be shipped whichever is greater. Current rates and further information is available on the Forwarding home page. We will always try and consolidate your order into as few boxes as possible. Note that all duties and taxes for Forwarding orders are the customer's responsibility and will be charged C.O.D. at delivery time whenever possible. There may also be times when additional fees apply to your order if customs deems the quantity of your items exceeds the allowed amount for personal use. Used items can receive these same types of fees as well. If you have any questions, please contact us before you place the order.

Note: Orders containing shoes and/or electronics may be subject to additional duties. These fees are the customer's responsibility and must be paid for upon delivery.

Note: All orders payed with bank transfer/paypal will be subject to an additional 6% transaction fee.